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Scarlet Witch Chloroformed - from 2012 by sleepy-comics
Scarlet Witch Chloroformed - from 2012
This is a drawing I did wayyy back in September 2012, based on one of my favorite scenes:

It depicts The Scarlet Witch being chloroformed by a villain called Grim Reaper.  The scene in the comic has Scarlet Witch being surprised with a chloroform soaked cloth, and being put to sleep while on guard at a hospital.  She wakes up a short time later.

I think a scene like this just goes to show you, every superheroine can be chloroformed or knocked out, no matter how powerful!

Given that this is over 2 years old, the art is more representative of that time.  There's less detail, more basic shading.  
Batgirl Chloroformed (1966 Version) by sleepy-comics
Batgirl Chloroformed (1966 Version)
If you asked me which version of Batgirl I like most, I would tell you the 1966 version depicted by Yvonne Craig:…

Wow, just what a beautiful actress playing a wonderful character.  We got to see so many cool peril scenes involving Batgirl: sleeping gas, bondage, kidnapping.  I'll always love the scene where Batgirl was gassed by Catwoman, and wakes up bound and gagged.

One thing that would have made the 1966 show that much better, would have been a Batgirl chloroform scene!  It's a shame we never got to see Yvonne get the cloth; to see her eyes slowly flutter asleep. 

This piece I made is the realization of a fantasy I'm sure many of us have had.  Please enjoy and I would love to hear your thoughts!

Oh, and here is the line art: Batgirl Chloroformed 1966 [line 1] by sleepy-comics 

Here are other Batgirl pieces I've done: Batgirl Chloroformed by sleepy-comics Batgirl Bound and Gagged By Poison Ivy by sleepy-comics 


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I am an artist and web developer. I run the website I specialize in "damsel in distress" themed art, usually with a sleepy twist added in.

I never thought I would become an artist. One day though, I decided I am going to give this 'art thing' a shot. And boy did I suck my first year doing this. I kept at it though, and I've now produced over 200 pieces. My art fluctuates in quality, so please bear with me! This is still a learning process for me.

Thank you, and enjoy my gallery. And don't forget to visit!

Twitter: @sleepycomics
Current Residence: New York City
Favourite style of art: American comics, anime, digital illustration
Favourite characters:
*Black Canary
*Wonder Woman
*Sailor Mercury, Sailor Moon
* Cassandra from Soul Calibur

In a chloroform scene (featuring a female), would you rather the assailant be male or female? 

86 deviants said Female
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Time flies so fast.  I can't believe 2013 is coming to an end.  I did a count, and I only drew about 16 pieces this year.  That's largely a consequence of my situation.  I ended up finding a full time job around May of this year.  That pretty much sucked all my time from art.  To get my latest Supergirl piece up, I had to really fight to find time.  It paid off handsomely!

Looking back, my favorite piece this year is Sailor Neptune and Uranus Peril -  Wow, that one took a lot of effort.  Scenes like that are hard to top.  

I'm disappointed that I wasn't able to make more art.  I'm disappointed that I haven't updated as much either.  But this is no time to sit around and feel bad about myself.  I realize that I have limited time on this Earth, and I need to start taking action if I want to leave an amazing legacy of work.

I have some renewed confidence in my digital art abilities.  When 2014 rolls around, I want to start pushing my skills to the limit.  Here's my resolution for the new year:
* Dramatically improve my digital painting skill.  No more cel-shaded coloring.
* Branch out and draw characters I've never done before.  Take risks!
* Draw more elaborate scenes, involving three or more characters.  
* Learn better techniques for drawing hair and shoes!
* Put more effort into each piece.  I'm thinking around two weeks per piece, to really polish it.
* Focus on producing art more regularly.  It's very easy to get sidetracked and lose motivation.  

What really motivates me, is community feedback!  I make art so people can enjoy it.  I love keeping track of how many favorites each piece gets.  I've learned that bondage art tends to get a bigger response.  I'm willing to alternate between bondage and sleepy art to appease both fan bases.

I'm always open to questions and feedback.  I visit this site regularly, more than Facebook or even!  I'll end this post by asking my readers: what are some things you would like to see me produce in 2014?



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